Phil Logsdon

Don’t touch the marshmallow!

That is the slogan of many schools, and it refers to an oft-repeated study of young children where they are placed individually alone in a room with a single marshmallow on a plate and told that if they don’t take the marshmallow on the plate, someone will come into the room in ten minutes and give them two marshmallows.  These studies have tracked hundreds of kids into adulthood, universally finding that the kids who defer gratification with the marshmallow continue to show that trait (making present sacrifice for greater future) throughout adulthood – and go on to become much more successful than those who grab the first marshmallow.

The voters of Reading have an opportunity to make a small immediate sacrifice to assure large future rewards.


The sacrifice is a small increment in property tax.  The rewards are manifold and natural results of reasonable classroom size and competitively hired teachers:   Children more engaged in their education, children more engaged in their community, children more engaged in good & proper approaches to life and its wonders.


Those rewards most directly benefit Reading’s youngest folks, but also touch everyone in the town.


Our generation (speaking now for the baby-boomers) will benefit most directly from the proven increases in real estate values associated with higher-achieving schools.   Indeed, our generation will certainly get two marshmallows – and much more!

We in the boomer generation seldom think about the many “goodies” we have previously voted for ourselves that tragically mortgage the future of the youngest generation.   We should feel very guilty and indebted to those kids growing up behind us.  A small give-back today may enable that younger generation to achieve enough to afford the onerous burdens we have placed so flagrantly upon them.

Please vote “Yes” on the override.  Voting “No” would be immediately grabbing a marshmallow… and thus missing out on a better future for Reading and for all the people of Reading.

Phil Logsdon, citizen of Reading since 1978, father of three successful graduates of Reading schools.

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