2018 Override Letters to the Editor

Vote Yes on April 3rd - Jason Faris

Fire Chief Supports Override - Chief Gregory Burns

School Committee Endorses The Override - The Reading School Committee

VandenAkker Asks Voters for a Yes on Override - Sherri VandenAkker (School Committee)

It's Time For Reading To Say Yes To Override - Andrew Friedmann (Select Board)

Override is Past Due - Susanne Sullivan

2016 Override Letters to the Editor

Vote yes on override - Matt Wilson
Vote yes on override - Elizabeth B. Lemons & Michael A. Snow

Teachers support override - Eric Goldstein, Reading Teachers Association

Why Reading needs a Yes vote on October 18 - Jennifer Hillery & Kate Grant

Supports the override - Bill Hecht

Vote yes for schools - Caitlin Koehler

Vote Yes October 18 - Sarah & Todd Merkle

Reading Proposition 2 1/2 Override - Part 3 - Dan Ensminger & Jeanne Borawski

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