Laura Warren

I would like to urge people to vote for the override on April 3. 


I’ve been a middle school teacher in Reading for the past 15 years.  While I don’t live in Reading, I have to admit that there were times, particularly when my own children were in middle school, that I wished that I did.    Both middle schools are nurturing and caring places -and I felt, and still feel, that the kids reciprocated this nurturing and caring.  I never felt the sense of chaos, anger and frustration that I felt at other schools.


I was also envious of many of unique academic programs in the middle schools-including two of the programs currently slated to be cut if the override doesn’t pass.  I loved the double block of English for many reasons.  First of all, a lot of sixth graders have trouble with the many transitions and teachers during the middle school day.  The double block of English simplifies student’s schedules and gives many students a home base as well as one teacher who knows them very well.  Also, the double block allows extended time for reading and writing which I felt, as a seventh and eighth grade English teacher, made a real difference for students.  The double block of English is crucial, I feel, for student success in middle school.


I used to share my classroom with a French teacher and I was always amazed at the enthusiasm seventh grade students brought to the study of a foreign language.  A foreign language is so different for kids and so unlike anything they have studied before.  Kids always said it was their favorite class; I remember feeling jealous because they were so pumped up for it. If the override doesn’t pass, kids will lose a part of the day that they look forward to, and I also feel that they may lose their enthusiasm for studying foreign language if they have to wait for high school.


I urge you to vote for this override.  Please consider and conserve what you have-superb middle schools that deliver a great education to students.



Laura Warren

Reading Specialist

Coolidge Middle School

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