Carol Shattuck

I have lived in Reading for 47 years.  For many of them I was a single parent raising two sons.  Upon graduation from the Reading school system, one went to Bentley, the other to Bryant.  Today one sits on the Board of a financial services company in Boston, the other is a partner in a startup company in NY.  All thanks to the education, confidence, and leadership imparted to them by their teachers, coaches, and faculty in our Reading school system.  


There are more grads who have stories to tell.  Many have returned to live here and make our community stronger. They are raising their families here.  Some have stayed and started their business in our downtown.  We need to support their endeavors. 


Today our schools face daunting challenges to do more with LESS.  We need to empower them to do more with MORE.  If you are considering NO on the override to Proposition 2 ½ reconsider your choice. First learn what these cuts mean to our schools and services.   Federal and state funding to our towns are dwindling.  It will be difficult to stay the course for any long range planning without your YES vote. 


Our Board of Selectmen, Superintendent of Schools and Town Manager plan and oversee one of the most desirable towns and schools in the area.  We need only look at our property values and take a drive to see what has been accomplished over the years.  For the past three years we have had budget cuts.  We cannot continue to cut.   It is time to realize we need to vote YES for an override.



Carol Shattuck    

Henzie Street

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