William J. Hecht Sr.


Why I urge you fellow Reading citizens to vote yes for an override -


I am supporting the impending override for the following reasons:


        1.  It is the right thing to do for the future of Reading.


        2.  My children and grandchildren, all adults now, received an excellent education in Reading and we owe the same to the current children who live in Reading as well.


        3.  Great schools are what drew and kept people coming to Reading and as well drove the value of our homes up. The schools' real estate correlation is what makes living here not only great but keeps adding value to our real estate.


        4.  As citizens we depend on an educated electorate, the next generation needs to be as well or better-educated as the current one.


        5.  We have a very efficient school system, just look at our per pupil costs versus many systems, but at some point you must invest and we are overdue for such an investment.


        6.  Some of the funds within an override do not go to schools but, go to the Town budget. Services in Reading are already overstressed and in need of additional funds. As a former Commission member town volunteers do a great deal for free, but staff is essential for DPW, Water and Sewer, Inspection etc.


William J. Hecht Sr.

Martin Road

  • 48 year Reading resident

  • Former Chair Conservation Commission

  • Former Town Meeting Member

  • Member, Reading Public Library Foundation board

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